The best way to manage your diary farm.

E-Lunda is a web and mobile application that facilitates Record Keeping at Diary farms. Get started now!
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Feature Highlights

Animal Information Management

Add, Edit and View a list of all animals on your farm, each with its birth records, breed information, production records and heat cycles.

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Milk Production

Mornitor daily milk production records for each individual cow and obtain daily, weekly and monthlu summaries.

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Financial Management

Record all your daily expenses and incomes all in one place and get a list of all your records in one place.

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Quarterly Reports

Get reports on milk production, finances expenses and sales, revenue, profit and loss management e.t.c.

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Make your farm management easy!

Track your herd easily, farm milk yields and health information from anywhere, all data securely stored for you and can be accessed with any device.
Get farming tips and reminders, heat signs, mass treatment dates e.t.c with our timely notifications.
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